2019: creating the foundations for resolutions

It’s the first week of January which can only mean one thing. It is the first week of a whole New Year. Which means most people are talking about resolutions.

I have found there are three camps that people fall into;

They love making New Year Resolutions; 365 fresh days set before you. Another chapter in the book of your life. A chance to be better and do better

They hate making New Year resolutions; January 1st is an arbitrary date made by man, why wait to make changes and be better? Also resolutions are generally unobtainable goals, so why set yourself up to fail in the most depressing, cold, wet* month of the year

They aren’t really fussed; Oh come on, its just a bit of fun. New year is just a nudge to have a look at the past year and maybe think if you want to do anything different? Like, eat more chocolate

* it is well documented that January is a month generally filled with rain and the emotional blues in the united kingdom

I guess there aren’t really any other ways to feel about them. I’ve been wondering where I sit. I think I’m in the third.

After many years of making resolutions to lose weight, stop smoking, start drinking more water, exercise, read more, grow my nails, start using face masks, stop eating meat, buy eco products, stop eating chocolate, be organised, pay off debt, be a better wife and mum and many more things I have ultimately failed at.

This year I have decided instead of focusing on set things that I am going to stop or start doing. I am going to focus on broader intentions that can encompass lots of different things.

This means I will eliminate the feelings of failure that are so often associated with resolutions. Instead my intentions will allow me to continuously succeed and see growth within myself.

My main intention is such a simple one and I feel will have the most impact on me this year.

Be kind… to myself

I really believe that if I decide to be kind to myself, I will automatically start to do the things that I have failed at in previous years. Already this year I have drank water every day. Not because my goal is to drink 2 litres of water a day, but because I have listened to my body and have been kind to myself by giving it what it needs.

I can show kindness to my self by creating time to invest in creative projects, having coffee with a friend, saying no to things, going for a walk, taking a bath, completing a task I have been putting off, having a nap, drinking less coffee, drinking more coffee,reading a book, eating just enough, putting a load of washing on before I go to bed.

There are so many ways I can be kind to myself, that I can easily do at least one act of kindness to myself daily. It gives me a freedom, that the restrictive resolutions haven’t afforded me before.

I also plan this year to be

More mindful

Mindfulness is going to be key. I need to listen to my body, to my mind and my spirit and listen to what they need in order to thrive. Being mindful will allow me to take charge of many aspects of my life from my family to food, health, money and relationships.

Being mindful of my words, thoughts and actions, will allow me slowly to notice and unpick negative thoughts and patterns and to actively seek out opportunities to create positive ones. I will no longer be passive in my own life.

My hope for myself from being more mindful is it will help me understand and get to know myself better. One thing I learned last year, is I need to write. Getting things out of my head onto paper or a screen is an act of self care for me. I will be mindful to prioritise this for myself this year

My last intention is to create and seek out

Minimalism and Simplicity

in all areas of my life. I have tried focusing on these areas before, but I have been heavily influenced by others and their experience and perception of what these things mean. I eliminated colour from mine and the boys wardrobes, which although it did bring simplicity also eliminated some of the joy.

This year I plan to find out what these words mean for me and my family. I am looking forward to exploring bulk buying and bulk cooking. I plan to let go of many physical items to allow us to have more space and time together as a family.

My aim is to look at the rhythms and routines in our lives and see how we can simplify them in a way that is right for us. I want to clear the mental clutter as well as the physical and through eliminating some of the people, things and habits that I find triggering slowly begin to simplify my life.

Well there you have it.

My three main intentions that will enable me to inadvertently achieve many of the resolutions I have failed at in previous years. What do you think? Is this just a big cop out or do you think this may be the key to creating more happiness? Surely that is the ultimate goal?

all the love, Cherie


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