There once was a girl named Cherie

She was…

smart. kind. silly. brave. clumsy. loving. Some would even say beautiful, but to herself even from a young age, she was never enough.

She gave herself the narrative of girl who wanted to be liked by everyone. The girl that could not only listen, but could understand and relate. The girl who changed so much to fit in she never really learned who she was.

She tried so hard to make herself liked by everyone, so never really went to any extremes. Although she dabbled her toes and tried a few things. She got tattoos, piercings and dyed her hair, but she made sure it was still acceptable my the majority of society.

But, no matter what she did, she was never enough. tall enough. skinny enough. white enough. black enough. cool enough. rich enough. She always fell short of the finish lines, even when they were only inside her own head.

Cherie is a woman now. She has been working on her demons and no longer wants to live her life measuring herself against these arbitrary measures. Cherie is now at a point where she wants to discover who she is and have the confidence to be who she is.

This is the purpose of this website/journal/blog. To follow along on that journey. To help me work through any road blocks and celebrate any successes. If you are on a similar journey, I would love for you to get in touch , it seems overdramatic, but it’s a nerve wracking thing to do!

all the love, Cherie


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